2020-21 Travel Soccer Team Selection Process

2020-21 Travel Soccer Team Selection Process


Pre Team Selections

  • Registration link for tryouts - If you haven’t done so already, PLEASE take a moment to register for our 2020-2021 Team Selection to confirm you want to be considered: REGISTER HERE

  • Current coaches will have informed each player/family of their status going into team selections:

  1.  In consideration for the level/team above.
  2. Playing at an appropriate level.
  3. Could be challenged by “new” player(s).

Note: “new” can be defined as “a player from the team below, from outside the club or from our recreational program.”

Team selections are taking into account the following elements:

- Observations made through games, scrimmages and training sessions.
- Observations and feedback done  through the player’s movement (player invited to train up and/or to guestplay).
- Feedback and discussions among the coaching staff and/or with the Director of Coaching.

Selecting Players (2020-21 Rosters)

  • Due to the pandemic situation, some rosters may be completed in a 2-step process:

    • Step 1: The large majority of the roster is selected based on observations made since August 2019. A spot or two may remain open for adding a new player later on (if necessary/appropriate).
    • Step 2: Depending on teams and/or age groups, supplemental tryouts and new players evaluations may take place. Information will be communicated via our website.
  • Current coaches have provided feedback to their respective Director of Coaching (Erwan Le Crom U8 thru U13; Jeff Gettler U14 thru U18/19) and also shared information with the new coaches.

  • Age groups and game format:

    • 7v7 - U9 and U10 teams
    • 9v9 - U11 and U12 teams
    • 11v11 - U13 thru U18/U19 teams

Acceptance and Registration

  • How to accept a position: Once a team is announced on our Richmond Strikers website, players will have 48 hours to register using the Stack Sports acceptance link (which will be provided with the team announcement).

  • Deposit and payment plan: Next year, overall fees will remain the same with some modifications to the structure. The initial deposit or acceptance fee has been lowered to $300 (in previous years the deposit was $500) The Strikers will also offer a 7-month payment plan option (instead of 6 months).  If paying in full, families will receive a $100 discount. Since we are on our second season of our uniform kit cycle, returning players will only be required to purchase warmups and training shirts. 

  • Headshot: When accepting a position, we are asking that EVERYONE upload their player’s photograph on Stack Sports - this will be essential in creating player field passes (please note that photographs should be a head-shot only, with a light colored background- no hats, sunglasses).

  • Virtual Registration: We will be conducting a virtual registration this year (paperwork; uniform try-on process for the upcoming season) - all details are forthcoming. 

Team Selection Timeline:

Monday, May 4- Elite teams announced (U11 thru U18/U19)
Monday, May 11- Elite Black and Premier teams announced (U11 thru U18/U19)
Friday, May 15- U9/U10 teams announced