Safety Reminders for Our Strikers Membership

Safety Reminders for Our Strikers Membership

As we start to wind down another spring and head towards our summer programming, the Richmond Strikers would like to take a moment to share some important safety reminders with all of our members.


Pay immediate attention to all lightning warnings

Sign up for Strikers alerts at, or check the weather hotline frequently (804) 288-2261


Remember to have players hydrate

No smoking


No climbing on soccer, lacrosse, or field hockey goals

Goals must be properly weighted down


No dogs allowed

Pick up your trash

Drive with care

Lock your cars

Park in designated areas.

No driving through Striker Park!

AND, very importantly, if you see anything illegal or very suspicious please call 911 (the police) immediately. Please notify the Strikers of the issue after you notify the police.

We are proud of our fantastic facilties and need your help to ensure they remain safe places to play!