Strikers Announce New Lightning Detection System

Strikers Membership,

Some of you might have wondered what the weird contraptions are, that have been installed on the maintenance shed at Striker Park and the pavilion at West Creek.  These systems are lightning detection and alarm units.  There is also a secondary alarm unit near Striker Park fields #7 and #8.

Each unit monitors the surrounding weather climates and if lightning is detected within range of each facility or if conditions exist that could produce a lightning event then an alarm is triggered indicating that everyone is to evacuate the fields and common areas immediately.

This alarm warning is a single long siren burst.  Following the initial siren, each unit has a yellow/orange beacon light that will continue to flash until another alarm sounds indicating the “all clear.” The all clear alarm is three short siren bursts.

If the siren goes off indicating lightning is or could be in the area, all coaches, players, and spectators are to leave the playing areas including all unsheltered common areas and seek shelter immediately.  Everyone is asked to leave these areas as quickly as possible.  The safe shelters include the bathroom facilities and pavilion at Striker Park; the pavilion at West Creek and individual cars.   Everyone is to remain in these sheltered areas until the “All Clear” alarm has sounded.  

If you are arriving at the park, especially if fields are empty, it is strongly suggested that you take a quick glance at the units to see if the yellow beacon is illuminating.  If so that means that we are in the middle of a lightning delay or evacuation.   Please remain in your cars.

In some cases, with continuous storms or lightning events, games, training, practices, or other programming could be cancelled or postponed to a later time. Parents and players are asked to subscribe to “Rained Out” for the latest weather information.  “Rained Out” links can be found on the Strikers website at

Thank you and hope everyone has a great fall season!