Strikers Facilities Update

Strikers Facilities Update

Each year, the Richmond Strikers spend over $750,000 on facilities. We also recently resurfaced our turf for close to half a million dollars. These fields, and everything involved in maintaining them, are an investment for our members. We are proud to offer some of the finest fields in the nation. 

Over the past year, unauthorized use of Striker Park has become an increasingly large problem. In order to protect our investment and prevent further deterioration of our facilities, all fields (grass and turf) at Striker Park and West Creek are closed to any unauthorized and unscheduled use until further notice. 

In addition to deterioration of our fields, unauthorized use of our facilities leads to:

  • broken goals
  • liability issues
  • safety issues
  • extra wear and tear on our equipment
  • broken equipment and added member cost
  • trash and litter all over the park
  • distraction for our players involved in scheduled, Strikers activities
  • interference with authorized Strikers games and practices

Finally, it is important to note that Striker Park and West Creek are private property, not public parks, and unauthorized users are trespassing. The same goes for the Shady Grove United Methodist Church adjacent to Striker Park—no Strikers members should ever be parking in the church’s lot or intruding on its private property.

As we move forward, the Richmond Strikers will be announcing a process by which club members can gain authorization to use our facilities outside of organized practices and games.

Strikers members who live in Henrico County and are looking for a place to play are encouraged to check out the many public spaces and parks the county has to offer, which include Twin Hickory, Deep Run, and Pouncey Tract Park (