Frequently Asked Questions

When does the season begin? 
Fall: Typcially, the first games are scheduled the first Saturday after the Labor Day weekend.
Spring: In late March, early April. Dates are determined based on public school spring break and the completion of the Richmond Strikers Jefferson Cup Tournament Series.
How do I register my child with the Richmond Strikers? 
  • During open registration periods, a child may be registered through the Striker website by entering
  • You will find the Registration form which is to be completed online. 
  • If the child has not played soccer with the Richmond Strikers previously, a proof of birthdate must be mailed to the Striker office or faxed to the office at: 804-285-8477. You may email the documentation to:
  • Proof of age may be in the form of a birth certificate or passport.
How do I make payment online?
The online registration form has a section for payment by credit card. Step by step directions are given on the form for completing the payment. The payment is made through a secure line to a card service, which clears your credit card for payment. In addition, you may mail a check to the Striker office after you have completed your registration.

Can I get a refund?
Refunds will be given if requested in writing prior to the first game of the season. There will be a $30.00 administration fee assessed. Refunds will not be given after the first game of the season unless the refund request includes a documented medical reason. All refund requests should be sent to:

How many games are scheduled?
Each team is scheduled at least 8 games per season. The goal of the club is for every team to play 8 games each season. 
What happens if it rains?
  • If weather causes games to be cancelled during the first half of the season, games will be rescheduled.
  • If the cancellation occurs after the first of the season, we will do our best to reschedule all games; however those teams with only 8 original games scheduled will be the priority.
  • If a cancellation occurs the last week of the season, teams that have already played 8 games will not be rescheduled. 
When is practice?
Practice times vary from team to team. Practice days and times are set by each coach. Generally, practices begin at either 5pm or 6pm and they normally last one hour. U4 and U5 divisions do not have weekday practices.  All other age divisions practice one time a week. The U5's have a short practice prior to their weekend game. 
Why does it take so long to find out where we can practice?
The county officials have the authority to assign our practice fields. Once we are notified by the county with the fields that are available, the coaches may select their sites. Unfortunately there are numerous recreational leagues, in various sports trying to find practice sites, and it becomes a difficult and time-consuming task for the various counties to divide the facilities in a fair and equitable manner.
Where are practices?
Our practice sites include:
  • Striker Park 
  • Deep Run Park
  • Capital Park
  • West Creek
  • Assigned schools throughout Henrico County (all practice sites are approved by the county and no teams are allowed to practice on fields that are not approved. Approval information is available through the Striker office)
Can you explain what happens at the U4 age group?
The U4 season consists of six sessions which are held on Saturday mornings.  All sessions are led by our staff coaches who are specifically trained in working with our youngest players. 
Why can’t I request practice days when I register?
Teams are formed before the coaches select their practice sites and times. Coaches determine the practices for their team.
How are teams formed?
Richmond Strikers is committed to making soccer for youth both enjoyable and a learning experience. We recognize that players often wish or need to be with players from their schools or neighborhoods; or they have established relationships with coaches that they wish to maintain. We therefore grant requests for specific teams and players, unlike the other leagues in this area. The criteria listed below is utilized to determine team formation and is listed in order of priority:
1. Players returning from the immediate previous season, and registering within the registration period, are granted requests to remain with the same coach they had the previous season if that coach will continue coaching in that division. If team balance is a factor that must be considered, players will be granted requests for their previous coach based on the date they registered. This may mean, in some cases, that even players registered “on time” (within Strikers’ registration period) may not be granted requests. This is, however, a rare occurrence, becoming a consideration mostly in the fall season when younger divisions move up into the next older division.
2. Players returning from the immediate previous season, and registering within the registration period, are granted requests for a different coach than they had in the previous season OR a specific player.
Different coaches may be requested for a variety of reasons, but most often a player or coach has moved up to another age division when the former coach or player has not. Every attempt is made to grant requests for specific coaches in these situations, but often a requested coach’s team is filled with his/her own former players requesting his/her team, a situation given priority for team formation. Age balancing may also prevent some requests from being granted. 
Requests for specific players are often a means of keeping teams or parts of teams together when the coach will be unknown, or a means of assuring friendships and carpool arrangements are maintained. Every attempt is made to keep at least groups of players from former teams together according to their requests. When more than one name (player or coach) is requested on the registration form, the name listed first is considered first in granting requests. When a particular player is requested, consideration is given first to the requests of players who request each other. This reduces the organizational problems inherent in trying to match several players who each request other players or list many different players, and places the formation process back into granting requests on the basis of friendships among players in the same school/neighborhood/carpool. It becomes very difficult to manage and match requests when requests are made solely to keep a large group of players together on one team (the simplest means of accomplishing this would be to list the coach’s name first, or if unknown, assure that two players list each other as first requests).
Date of registration is considered when there are a limited number of available spots on a team and there are more requests for a particular coach or player than can be granted.
3. Players new to the club and those returning (but not a participant in the previous season), and registering within the registration period, are granted requests for specific coaches and players based on available spots on that team and the date of registration. Available spots on teams are almost always filled at this point in the team selection process.
4. Any player registered after the Strikers’ registration period closing date who is able to be assigned to a team during the team formation process, will be granted his/her request, if possible, according to registration date. If there is a waiting list after all teams have been formed, players are assigned in registration date order to the next team that has a spot opening due to a dropped player, or to a new team formed from players on the waiting list.
5. When there are not enough players to form a full-team among those registered ON TIME or late, team assignment is done by registration date order. This may mean that a player registered on time may NOT be granted his or her request for a specific coach or player, regardless of other criteria outlined above. Such players will be placed on the waiting list and on a team according to #4 above (next open spot on any team, or placed on the full team formed from all players on the waiting list) according to registration date order. Once teams have been formed from players who have registered earlier, if other players register and enable another team to be formed, it is not possible at that time to rearrange formed teams to grant requests from players on the waiting list even if they registered “on time”. This rule encourages players to register early in order to increase the chance of being placed on a team with the coach or player he/she requests. There is no policy that ensures that players who have been with a coach/team previously or longer will be placed on the team or with a requested coach before another player in these situations. The only fair way to handle such situations is by registration date, even though players may have registered before the deadline.
Can I play in an age group other than my own?
Requests to play outside the specified age group are handled on a case-by-case basis.  The only exception to playing in a younger age group is with a documented medical reason. Players may play up an age group if they are in the predominant school grade of the older age division.  
For additional information, please contact Beverly Carrey at:
Do I need experience to play?
No, the Recreational League is an instructional league—our staff of coaches are experienced and excited about teaching beginners as well as the more advanced player.
Are there tryouts?
No, there are no tryouts for recreational players. Tryouts for Travel players are held in the Spring. There is also no draft for players.
What do I need to buy?
Each player must have shin guards for protection, and a soccer ball for practice. Cleats are recommended, but not required; however the player needs to have securely tied shoes. T-shirts are included in the fees for our U4-U6 players. Players in these age groups purchase shorts and socks as needed. Older players (U7 and older) will purchase their uniforms when they register. The only approved uniform is one that is purchased through the Richmond Strikers. It will consist of 2 Nike jerseys, 1 Nike short, 2 Nike socks. To purchase, use the "order uniform" link at the top of the recreation page! Players only need to purchase the items that are needed.   
Can I wear eyeglasses or jewelry?
Wire-rimmed glasses and/or jewelry (including pierced earrings) are not allowed during practices or games. This rule is for the safety of all players. Players may wear glasses with plastic frames.
What happens if I miss a practice or a game?
Coaches can not bench a player for missing a practice or a game. Players are encouraged to attend all practices and games to develop both individual and team skills. If you find that you will be missing a practice or game, please contact your coach or team representative to advise them. The Richmond Striker policy is that all players will play at least 50% of each game.
Where are the games played?
Games are played at various field sites in the area:
  • Striker Park
  • West Creek
  • Capital Park 
Are the coaches professional? 
All recreational coaches are volunteer parents; however the majority of these volunteers have received a license to coach and all are given the opportunity for training.
Who referees the games?
In the U8 and under age groups, the coaches referee the games. In the U9 and older age groups, certified referees are utilized. 
What do I need to do to become a referee?
All referees utilized by the Richmond Strikers must be certified as a Grade 8. Information on the referee courses required to be eligible to referee for the Richmond Strikers may be found at:
Will my child receive a trophy?
The Richmond Strikers do not provide participation trophies. Each team may make the decision to provide trophies to their players if they so desire; however the fees for the trophies are not included in the registration fees and will be the parent’s responsibility.
Additional information?
Email your questions to