Adult League Scoring Information

A representative from each team must call the scores in after their game. 


Call:  1-904-758-0875

You will be asked for the Event ID Code: 74504

You will be asked for the PIN #: 2019

You will be asked for Game #:  this number is found on your game schedule—please confirm your game number prior to calling in score.

You will then be asked to enter the HOME team score followed by the AWAY team score.

The instructions are clear once you make the call; however if you have any problems please email your scores to:


By utilizing this system the results will be automatically updated so that we will not have to wait on the referee’s game report to update. Any discrepancies in reported scores will be confirmed with the referee report.

Scoring Information:

Points are given as follows:

Win = 3 points

Tie =  1 point

Loss = 0 point

Tie breakers are determined in the following order:

Head to Head

Goal Differential

Goals For

Goals Against

Most Wins

If still tied – penalty kicks

There is a 5 goal limit for each calculation. This includes goals for, goals against, and goal differential.