Registration for the Fall 2018 Adult League is Now Available!

Registration for the Fall 2018 Adult League is Now Available!

Registration for the Fall 2018 Adult League is now available:

Captains: If your team is going to be participating in the Fall league, please send Will Boinest an email ( and he will enter the team in the database so that players may select the team when registering.




  • The Fall league will once again be scheduled on Fridays (after 6) and Saturdays and Sundays beginning no earlier than 4 PM. Games will be played at Striker Park and Glover Park.
  • All players in our fall league must be at least 25 years of age.
  • There are no restrictions in the spring league in regards to the number of players who are younger than 35 on the team. Teams may be comprised of any players 25 years of age and older.  
  • All adult league games are played 7 aside on fields approximately 55x80. 
  • Teams should have a minimum of 12 players on the roster. There may be as many players on the roster as you would like.  All teams must have at least 10 on the team to be rostered for the league.  If the team does not have 10 players registered by September 15, 2018; Richmond Strikers will add additional players to complete the team as long as there are additional players registered who have not selected a specific team.  In addition, the Richmond Strikers will place players who have not requested a specific team on teams with 14 or fewer players on the roster. While the minimum of 12 players is acceptable; having at least 14 players on the spring season roster is recommended.  
  • Players registering without a team should select "do not have a team" and will not be charged a registration fee until they are placed on a team.