U10 TRAVEL - 2018-19 SEASON

The U10 Travel program (2009) will feature approximately 85 players (boys and girls). Teams will be selected following a tryout process. More information on the U10 Travel programming can be found below.



Director of Youth DevelopmentErwan LeCrom

U10 Coaches (2018-19): Bruno Ramos, Carlos Garay, Steve Chapman, Rudy Argueta, Marty Beall, Courtney Zehnter, Mike Clibbens, Skye Bruce



BOYS: 2 times a week, 90 minutes each 

GIRLS: 2 times a week, 90 minutes each 

Players will also benefit from 6-8 indoor sessions throughout the January - February period.



U10 travel players will compete in the ADSL, a local league featuring Richmond based clubs. Games will primarily take place on Saturdays, with the occasional Sunday match date. The Fall and Spring season will feature a minimum of 8 league games. Note: Full schedule to be announced in August.



All U10 players will play in 3-5 tournaments throughout the year. There will be 1-2 tournaments in the Fall and 2-3 tournaments in the Spring.



$1750 - Elite teams (covers Fall-Winter-Spring training/games/tournaments)

$1650 - Premier teams (covers Fall-Winter-Spring training/games/tournaments)