U8 ADP 2018-19

If you are interested in joining the U8 ADP program contact Bruno Ramos (bruno@richmondstrikers.com) for boys & Morgan Singer (morgan@richmondstrikers.com) for girls! 

The U8 ADP will feature about 70 players (boys and girls). The ADP program organizes the players as a pool, not in traditional teams. This allows players to work with several different coaches over the course of the season and to work with players who are of similar ability developmentally. 



Director of ADPErwan LeCrom

U8 Coaches (2018-19): Erwan LeCrom, Bruno Ramos, Marcel De Almeida, Emir Vejzovic, Morgan Singer, Courtney Zehnter


Boys: 2 times a week, 75 minutes each.
Girls: 2 times a week, 75 minutes each.


Fridays at 6:00pm at Longdale



$750 for the year (covers Fall-Winter-Spring training/games)