At the Richmond Strikers, our aim is to prepare today for tomorrow. We believe that the collective strength of any team or club is only as good as the individual competency of its players. Our focus therefore, is to create environments that allow for the greatest number of players the opportunity to express themselves and develop to the best of their abilities.

We have an age appropriate curriculum in place that will equip our players with the fundamental skills that they will need to carry with them as they continue to develop.  For this reason, our focus at these ages is to develop the individual and small group skills of our players. 

The 3 main components of our age appropriate curriculum are: 

  1. Technical
  2. Agility, Balance and Coordination
  3. Simple decisions - using games to teach format

U8 ADP Format

The U8 ADP players will be kept in a pool of players and organized weekly into training groups based on different factors.  This format allows us more freedom and flexibility to work on the things we did during the week at practice in a game environment and focus more on development than results.

The objective of the games is to promote and reinforce the skills and techniques worked on in practice during the week. While winning and losing is part of a soccer game, the main focus is the individual and technical development of the players in a competitive environment. Our primary concern is to ensure that our young players have a strong foundation in the basic soccer movements and soccer concepts that they can build on as they grow as players.

  • Game Format: 5 v 5 (4 + 1 GK)

  • Practices: 2 times a week, 75 minutes each

  • Games: Friday evenings, 6:00-7:00 PM

  • League: In-House

  • Yearly Outlook: Fall Season - 7 games + Festival (August-November), Winter Training - 6-8 sessions (January-February), Spring Season - 7 games + Festival (March-May) 

U9/U10 Travel Format: 

The U9/U10 travel players will be selected for Elite or Premier teams following tryouts. 

  • Game Format: 7 v 7 (6 + 1 GK)

  • Practices: 2 times a week, 90 minutes each

  • Games: Saturdays (primarily) and Sundays (occasionally)

  • League: ADSL (Chesterfield Strikers, FC Richmond, Richmond Kickers, Powhatan Soccer Club)

  • Tournaments: U9 Teams = 3 tournaments; U10 Teams = 3-5 tournaments

  • Yearly Outlook: Fall Season - 8 ADSL games + 1-2 Tournaments (August-November), Winter Training - 6-8 sessions (January-February), Spring Season - 8  ADSL games + 1-2 Tournaments (March-May)