Recruiting Information

Strikers Lacrosse Recruiting Advisory Board 
Sue Murphy - Brooke Ireland - Kendall Adkin - Erica Brothers
85+ years of college level lacrosse experience

Expectations of Strikers Player (2020-2023): 

Being a part of the Strikers organization provides players with a foundation of support in regards to the college recruiting process. Due to the number of players in the organization, and the high demand for recruiting help, it is essential that players and families understand what role Strikers Lacrosse Recruiting Advisory Board (SLRAB) plays in assisting the recruiting process. 


  • Early Fall - SLRAB will conduct one in person presentation. Each player is expected to bring a parent or guardian to the meeting. The meeting will include explanation per grad year of recruiting questionnaires, sample athletic resumes, sample emails to college coaches, and basic recruiting information.
  • Fall Prior to Tournaments - SLRAB will host a phone-in webinar to review per grad year expectations and review list to do per grad year.
  • Winter Webinars for Q & A
  • Last Spring Webinars Q & A to prepare for Summer season tournaments
  • Strikers rosters (2020-2023) are sent to all DI, DII, and DIII programs by SLRAB. This puts all of the Strikers player’s names and emails into college databases.
  • Strikers team schedules and invites are sent to college coaches prior to tournaments by SLRAB.
  • Strikers uses a active/live Google Form to collect players top list of schools, so the the SLRAB has an current and updated database where every player has college interest.
  • SLRAB walks the sidelines at Strikers games/tournaments and passes out hard copies of team rosters to college coaches. SLRAB uses the list of schools given by players (as mentioned in the bullet above) and conducts conversations with college coaches with the attention of drawing coaches to certain players based on those lists and/or player level.
  • After a tournament, SLRAB will send emails/contact to specific families if a college coach has expressed interest in a player. From that point, said player will need to follow up with email, visit, contact or consider camp/clinic. If a Striker coach or SLRAB is contacted regarding interest in a player, then that Strikers staff will contact the player/family.
  • Please note that just because a coach attends a game it does not mean he/she has interest in a Striker player - it will take multi evaluations and a player/family showing interest to move the process along with particular college coach continued interest.
  • Sue Murphy will send seasonal emails to 2023-2020 grad years recommending exposure opportunities that are positive for our particular teams. Individuals can email Coach Sue directly if you are unsure if a particular camp/clinic is WORTH the time and/or expense. There are a ton of camps and/or clinics that are NOT worth your investment. Let us HELP YOU with navigating decisions and where you invest, so your daughter can eventually get the black and white feedback from a college coach pertaining to interest level. 

The Strikers Lacrosse Recruiting Advisory Board support DOES NOT INCLUDE:

  • Staff members recording game film, writing sample emails, or creating resumes for players.
  • Asking Strikers Staff and administration to send sporadic emails to college coaches to represent Strikers players. The college coach wants to hear from the player.
  • Expecting Strikers staff and administration to email college coaches prior to tournaments on the behalf of specific players (player should do this herself).
  • Conducting Individual meetings and consultations with players and families about the college process (college list evaluations, going through transcripts, etc).
  • Expecting Strikers Staff and administration to call college coaches (who have not expressed interest in players) and ask recruiting based questions.

Extended Guidance: Some players and families will feel the need for additional support (areas listed above under DO NOT INCLUDE):

  • If families or players want to explore a more hands on recruiting approach beyond what Strikers Lacrosse provides, please consider New World Sports Recruiting where player profile pages, films and targeted recruiting is contracted with Sue directly.
  • If you want/need video created as an a la carte item - we can provide this service at:

Expectations of Players/Parents: 

Although SLRAB will provide players and families with educational resources, it is the primary role of the player and the player’s family to take ownership of the recruiting process. Players and families must:

  • Create their own athletic resumes, highlight videos, and websites
  • Create their own college lists
  • Complete their own student-athlete questionnaires
  • Compose their own email to the college coaches.
  • Locate, register, and attend college camps or clinics on their own - although we are here to help you decide which are appropriate per player
  • Send college coaches introductory emails, film, and schedules on their own

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