Fall 2020 Boys Recreational Lacrosse Information

The Strikers Fall Lacrosse Program welcomes all levels of lacrosse experience. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to come! The goal is to develop players and build upon their fundamental skills and game techniques in an engaging and competitive atmosphere.


Strikers Grades 1-2:  

The Fall 1-2 Program will be clinic style giving players a chance to learn and practice the proper fundamentals of the game.  Players will work through various stations at each session learning all aspects of the game as well as all positions of the game.   

At this age, players will find out what lacrosse is all about. They will develop and refine skills by learning proper scooping, catching, throwing, shooting, and defense, in a fun environment. 

Season Start Date: Tuesday, August 18
Season End Date: Tuesday, October 6 (Tuesday October 13 will be used as a rain make-up)
Practice Days: 1 day a week (8 sessions)
Practice Time: 5:00-6:00pm
Practice Location: TBA(Projected Glover Park)

Age: Grades 1 and 2
Cost: $85

Uniform: not required for fall clinics, players are responsible for purchasing their own equipment.

Grades 3-4(U10), 5-6(U12), and 7-8(U14):

Practices will consist of building upon fundamental skills training and will focus on all aspects of the game for all levels.  The fall programs will be similar to the spring program with team practice during the week and game on Saturdays.  

Beginners will continue to be welcomed and are encouraged to come out and learn what lacrosse is all about!

*The Grades 3-4 Team(U10) will be smaller in numbers due to aligning with other area clubs and U.S. Lacrosse standards. Smaller fields will be utilized with a 7v7 format. 

*We will wear the same uniforms as we did this past spring. The club will not order any new extras. If you are new and/or need a uniform, it needs to be ordered on the BSN store which can be viewed on the registration page and our homepage.
The boys will need a Black and White Nike Jersey, and Gray Nike Shorts. The girls will need to order the Black and White Reversible Pinny. 

Season Start Date: Tuesday, August 18
Season End Date: Saturday, October 17
Practice Days: 1 day a week - Tuesdays
Practice Time: 3rd/4th-5:00 to 6:30pm, 5th/6th and 7th/8th-6:30 to 8:00pm
Practice Location: TBA (Projected Glover Park)

Games: Saturdays at local venues

Age: Grades 3/4, Grades 5/6, and Grades 7/8

Cost: $225 

High School:

The Fall HS developmental program will be utilized to get players better for their spring High School Season.  Players will try to be grouped with teammates from their respective high schools. This will be run more like a fall league and focus on playing 2 games per week. Games will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the Greater Richmond area. (Sign-up numbers will dictate a 7v7 or 10v10 format) 

Season Start Date: Tuesday, August 18
Season End Date: Saturday, October 17
Days: 2 days a week on Wednesdays & Saturdays
Times: TBA 
Games: Saturdays at local venues

Age: Anyone enrolled in grades 9 - 12

Cost: $225

*Players will need a black and white reversible jersey. If they do not have one it can be ordered on the BSN Store which can be found on the registration and our home webpage. 
General Information:


  • Opens July 2020 and remains open until August 16, 2020 or until teams have hit their max capacity
  • Registration link: https://clubs.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=842978
  • Register Early! A waitlist will be made if needed to ensure that players are notified if a spot becomes available
  • If a uniform is needed, they must be ordered by the registration close date on August 16, 2020 (3rd/4th, 5th/6th, and 7th/8th will use same uniform as we did in spring. Replacement pieces are available on the team store. New players will need to purchase the game set that is now our uniform from this past spring. HS will use a black and white pinny from last fall or can order a new one on our team store.)


  • Refunds will be awarded only prior to the first practice
  • Once practices start, no refunds will be awarded

US Lacrosse:


  • Players who already have a uniform DO NOT need to purchase a new one
  • Uniforms and spirit wear can be purchased by using the link on the registration page or our homepage for lacrosse.
  • Uniforms and spirit wear must be ordered by August 16, 2020 (Please place all orders under the players name. Spirit Wear orders will take 4-6 weeks to come in after the shop closes on August 16.)
  • Our Game Uniform consists of 1-Black Jersey, 1-White Jersey, Grey Nike Shorts (High School Will Utilize a Reversible Jersey)
  • Team Shop link will be posted on our boys and girls lacrosse home webpage. 


  • Each player is responsible for purchasing their own equipment
  • Required equipment includes: (Boys)helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, mouth guard, etc. (Girls) goggles, mouth guard, stick
  • Goalie Gear will be available for our younger age players and must be returned to Strikers Lacrosse


  • The schedule for all teams will be posted on the website
  • Once games and locations are finalized they will be posted (Late August)(We will be playing most games in house)


  • Parents and Players are also encouraged to call 804-288-2261 (updated at approximately 3:30 on weekdays and 7:30 on Saturday/Sunday).    
  • Players/Parents can also sign up for alerts at http://rainedout.com/ 


  • Contact Dave Daly at dalylax@richmondstrikers.com