Strikers Lacrosse Player Jordan Krauss’s Mission Trip to Honduras

Strikers Lacrosse Player Jordan Krauss’s Mission Trip to Honduras

Richmond Strikers Lacrosse 2022 Black player Jordan Krauss spent a week of February in Honduras with the Partnership for Clean Water and Education (PCWE) to bring clean water to villages in need. She also collected and distributed lacrosse gear to introduce the game of lacrosse to the kids in the villages she visited. While she went there to make a difference in the lives of these people, the lasting impacts will stay with her forever.

“To see how far these families had to go for unclean water puts my life into perspective. We take so many things for granted and at times do not realize the wonderful opportunities we have every day,” Jordan said about her mission trip to Honduras. “I will never forget the people I met in Honduras and their love of life, even with all they do not have. I will always be grateful for the time I spent there and I hope to go back again.”

Learn more about Jordan’s trip below.

Q: Where did you travel and why?

A: I traveled to Honduras with my parents who are part of the organization, Partnership for Clean Water and Education (PCWE) to bring clean water to villages in need. There are many villages in remote areas of Honduras that do not have access to clean drinking water. I also collected used lacrosse gear to take over to introduce the kids in the village to the sport. 

Q: How did you get involved with the organization PCWE?

A: My parents first went to Honduras to work on this project ten years ago through our church in Loudoun County. They, along with others who wanted to keep the mission going, started their own non-profit, PCWE three years ago. They work with APP Honduras (Aqua Para el Pueblo) to find the villages in need of water. Then PCWE raises the money to pay for the project and install the gravity fed water systems for the villages. They also help repair or build schools in the villages. 

Q: Why is this organization important to you?

A: It is important to me because my parents have shown me that giving back in any way we can is important. PCWE is important because clean drinking water is necessary to live and grow.

Q: How did you collect equipment?  How much equipment did you collect and distribute?

A: I collected equipment from the Striker families, my high school lacrosse team and our church. We were able to bring about 15 lacrosse sticks and 6 sets of brand new fiddle sticks that were donated. 

Q: How was the reception of the locals to the introduction of lacrosse?

A: The kids picked it up very quickly and they absolutely loved it.  It was really fun to teach them because they were so interested and willing to learn. They were doing stick tricks and passing the ball within hours of me showing them what to do. I was able to leave the fiddle sticks with the school so all the kids can use them, but I was able to give the lacrosse sticks and balls to certain kids that were really excited about learning lacrosse. The look on their faces when I gave them the sticks is something I will never forget.

Q: What were the daily activities while on the mission?

A: Every day we were digging, and I also helped with some activities in the school. Digging was done on the trench line where the PVC pipe will be placed which will bring the water to the village. We also dug the foundation for a school that PCWE is funding in the village they brought water to last year.  I also played lacrosse with the kids every day, and they loved all the used tennis balls that we brought and always wanted to play catch.

If you’d like to find more information about PCWE, visit The organization is committed to continuing its work in Honduras, but is also looking at opportunities in Africa as well as Nepal.