Staff Directory


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jay Howell
Executive Director/Director of Soccer
(804) 288-4625 x110
Chris Friant
Director of Club Operations
(804) 288-4625 x111
Beverly Carrey
Director of Recreation & Camps
(804) 288-4625 x102
Chevy Bruns
Director of Travel Administration
(804) 288-4625 x103
Sophia Gergoudis
(804) 288-4625 x107
Steve D'Adamo
Director of Tournaments
(804) 288-4625 x106
David Burch
Director of Park Services
(804) 288-4625 x114
Will Boinest
Project Coordinator
(804) 288-4625 x101
Blaze Byrd
Director of Marketing/Director of Rugby

Travel Soccer

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jeff Gettler
Director of Coaching, U13-U19 Boys and Girls
(804) 288-4625 x142
Erwan Le Crom
Director of Youth Development/ Director of Coaching, U9-U10
(804) 288-4625 x104
Will Bates
Director of Coaching, U11-U12
(804) 288-4625 x143
Celia Mosier
Director of Goalkeeping
(804) 288-4625 x144
Morgan Singer
U8 Girls ADP Director
Bruno Ramos
U8 Boys ADP Director
Carlos Martinoli
Director of Youth Programs
(804) 288-4625 x145

Strikers Sports

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kendall Adkin
Director of Sports/ Director of Girls Lacrosse
(804) 288-4625 x151
Sue Murphy
Director of Coaching, Girls Lacrosse
(804) 288-4625 x151
Kelly Barney
Associate Director of Sports
(804) 288-4625 x105
Dave Daly
Director of Boys Lacrosse
Steve Ceperich
Director of Coaching, Boys Lacrosse
Blaze Byrd
Director of Marketing/Director of Rugby
Raj Divakaruni
Director of Cricket
(804) 874-3762
Jeff Gonos
Director of Football