Performance Training (Speed & Strength)

Strikers Football recognizes that Football requires athletes to be strong, fast, and agile and has sought the services of the Professional Performance Training Staff at Sports Reality to design programs geared for to increase the performance of Strikers Football athletes.

Specific programs are offered for Speed & Agility for athletes ages 8 and up which are focused on running mechanics, acceleration, explosiveness, and reaction ability.

Strength programs are offered for athletes in Middle School and above and are based on an initial assessment of individual strengths and weaknesses.

Programs are held daily at Sports Reality in Mechanicsville during designated time set aside specifically for Strikers Athletes.

Virtual Training is also offered to those interested in the specific training and coaching but fall outside Sports Reality’s radius.  Athletes will be given individually designed programs designed to meet their training goals and will be instructed through the CoachNow app where athletes can get constant feedback on their workouts.