How to Help Former Strikers Player Tony Kim

How to Help Former Strikers Player Tony Kim

Former Richmond Strikers and current Richmond United player Tony Kim continues to fight for his life following a horrific car accident with a logging truck on August 6. He suffered severe brain trauma and multiple broken bones. He is currently still at Duke University Medical Center where he has begun to slowly regain consciousness. As a part of the Striker community, we wanted to share ways to help Tony and his family. 

There are 2 fundraisers going on right now:  

1. GoFundMe -

2. Bracelets in Support of Tony  - organized by Kim Gardner

Kim Gardner was one of the managers for Coach Cris Lowe's 2006 Strikers Elite Team last year - the team Tony was on in 2018-19. Kim Gardner has organized a fundraiser with Bracelets to help support the Kim family. She is collecting donations via Venmo as she wants 100% of the donations to go directly to the Kim family. Donations of $5.00 or greater can be made for a bracelet. 

Venmo: @Kim-Gardner-25 

When paying using Venmo be sure to add a note:
1. Number of Bracelets requested
2. Include Richmond Strikers and your players name and Team

Kim Gardner will distribute bracelets to the Strikers families during upcoming practice times.

If you have questions about the bracelet fundraiser, you can reach out to Kim Gardner – 804-314-0258