Learn More About Richmond Strikers Partner, Morton

Learn More About Richmond Strikers Partner, Morton

What’s the Morton Story?

Growing up, our company’s president, Mark Morton, would spend countless hours at his grandfather’s local hardware store. He saw how his grandfather retained business by adding a personal touch. His grandfather took the time to listen to each customer’s unique needs; he didn’t try to put them into a predefined, one-size-fits-all box.

With that foundation of relationship-building in mind, Mark set out to create a company that treated people like people, not like numbers on a bottom line, and founded on the principle of putting people first. Because no matter what business you’re in, treating people right is always the right thing to do.

So, what does Morton do?

In 2006, Mark founded an IT staffing firm that embraced a people-first culture. A firm where both clients and job seekers could find the exact right fit for their needs; all while adhering to the principles of commitment, honesty, professionalism, and respect. That’s exactly what Morton has been delivering to our business partners for over a decade.

Our main goal is to link our business clients with the exceptional IT talent they need to accomplish their goals. Our experienced team is trained to listen and create a deep understanding of exactly what each business needs to succeed. Of course, we’ll talk about staffing needs and assignment requirements, but we also want to know about current challenges, company culture, and business goals. We then comb through our extensive network of talent to find the person who is the right fit – not only for the role, but for the business. That’s The Morton Way.

Why focus so much on the people?

The IT industry is often thought of as just computers and data analysis, but after 20 years in corporate IT, Mark discovered that building relationships creates a stronger business foundation. Having a particular skill set or certification can definitely be an advantage, but at Morton, we know that an employee needs to be the right fit with a company’s culture and be passionate about their role order to be a success. While it may be easy to place someone in a role based on their resume alone, going the extra mile to ensure our consultants are happy where they are placed and fit well with our clients’ business culture sets Morton apart.

What can Morton do for me?

Whether you’re looking for the right IT person to fit a current job opening, or you’re an IT professional looking for the right position, Morton can help! Interested in learning more about how we can help you meet your IT personnel goals?

Contact us today: info@themortonway.com or 804-290-4272.

Any other interesting information about Morton?

With our headquarters located in RVA, we feel strongly about community engagement. In addition to our strong commitment to supporting the Richmond Strikers, we are also proud to support the Richmond Flying Squirrels, RVATECH, the Cameron Gallagher Foundation, FeedMore, and VCU, among others.

If you stop by the Morton office, chances are you’ll be greeted at the door by a pup or two, as we’re a dog-friendly office. You’ll see our team out and about at technology meet-ups, RVATECH happy hours, Authentic Interviews with Christopher Jones, and executive group events, such as the Virginia Council of CEOS. You’ll also see a few team members cheering along the sidelines at Strikers games!