Richmond Strikers Announce New Mission Statement

Richmond Strikers Announce New Mission Statement
The Strikers are excited and incredibly honored to announce that our organization has an updated mission. We have worked diligently to bring youth sports to everyone wishing to pursue them. 
The Richmond Strikers were founded in 1975 and have been primarily known as an established and well-respected soccer club nationwide. Since 2015, Strikers have added girls and boys lacrosse, field hockey, rugby and cricket. A new mission statement was created to include all sports and show the transition into the new era of the Richmond Strikers.

"The Strikers aim to provide unsurpassed individual development,
family enrichment and community connection through team sports."

To view our mission statement, vision and new core values, click here
We thank you for everything you have done to help get us here. We thank you on behalf of the 6,500+  kids that are able to now play youth sports as a part of our entire Strikers family. 
Thanks for being with us on this journey,
The Strikers family