Strikers Alumnae Chosen for 4000 Mile Run to Raise Money and Awareness for Young People Battling Cancer

Strikers Alumnae Chosen for 4000 Mile Run to Raise Money and Awareness for Young People Battling Cancer

RICHMOND, VA (March 20, 2019) – Strikers Alumnae Emily Emerson will be tackling a huge coast to coast run this summer to raise awareness, support, and hope for young adults battling cancer. Emerson was one of thirty-three people chosen through an application process to take on the 4,000 mile run from San Francisco to Boston for the Ulman Foundation’s 4K for Cancer program. In addition to the run and raising money for the cause, she will be participating in service projects, visiting cancer patients, and working closely with treatment facilities throughout her cross-country journey.

Emerson began playing for the Strikers in Kindergarten and played soccer for the Strikers throughout high school. It was the through the Strikers that she forged lifelong friendships and continues to have strong roots in the Richmond community. In addition to soccer, she also became an avid runner at Deep Run High School, which is something she has continued throughout her education at Virginia Tech.

As Emerson eyes graduation in May, she is looking forward to her summer of giving back before heading to graduate school, also at Virginia Tech. The Ulman Foundation’s 4K for Cancer run directly aligns with not only her personal goals and values, but also what she is working towards through her education. Her undergraduate degree will be in Biological Sciences and her Master’s will be in Public Health and Infectious Diseases. Her goal will then be to continue to medical school with the hope of becoming a pediatric oncologist. This run will combine her passion of service with her dedication to helping those battling cancer. 

“I think the most exciting part for me will be getting to take my love for service nationwide. Getting to visit young adults who are battling cancer, helping with service projects, and instilling hope into the patients I meet throughout the country will be one of the most rewarding parts of the summer for me!” Emerson said about what she is looking forward to most this summer and why this cause is so important to her. “This cause is something I am passionate about. I am personally connected to the cancer community through my grandmother and aunt who suffered from ovarian and breast cancers. Both of these women are incredibly strong and unfortunately one lost her battle.”

The 4000 mile, 49 day run begins on June 16th in San Francisco, CA and will end on August 3rd in Boston, MA. As Emerson prepares for the run, she is also working towards her fundraiser goal of $7,000. Each participant has to raise $4500 before they can actually run, but she has set a much higher personal goal.

The Richmond Strikers are pleased to support Emily’s mission and have pledged a donation. We encourage you to make a donation towards Emily’s cause, CLICK HERE to donate! Emily, we are so proud of your dedication to impacting the world and look forward to following your journey this summer! Stay tuned for more from Emily Emerson this summer when her 4000 mile journey begins!