2015 Fall Recreation Soccer Starts Monday, August 31

The Richmond Strikers 2015 Fall Recreation Soccer season begins on Monday, August 31. All players should have received their practice schedule from their coach, and, those who have not are encouraged to reach out to their coach for details. The following map shows West Creek field locations for the season.

Maps and directions to all Strikers fields can be found here: http://www.richmondstrikers.com/Fields/index_E.html

Recreation Games Kick Off September 12, 2015! COME JOIN THE FUN!

Over 3,000 Strikers Players will participate in our Fall season, with games being held at at Striker Park, West Creek and Capital Park!

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About Strikers Recreation




The Richmond Strikers Soccer Club is the oldest youth soccer club in Richmond and started offering recreational youth soccer over 30 years ago.  Today, our recreational program is one of the largest in the southeast with over 3,000 players. Girls and boys ages four to eighteen of all skill levels participate in one or both seasons in the fall and spring. 


Coached by volunteers, recreational teams play on some of the best fields in Richmond, and depending on the age group, can have up to two practices a week in addition to a game on Saturday. Players wear uniforms which are provided as part of our fees of for purchase (older age groups) and all players are required to wear shin guards. Age groups in soccer are noted by a U followed by a number. The U stands for “under” and the number represents an age. U8 is “under eight”. Which age group your child belongs in depends on his/her birthday.


The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide the best experience for all levels of player in a non-competitive, progressive structure. Players often start at a young age and as they mature, the program is designed to offer more challenges and developmental opportunities. Some players may choose to move into one of our more competitive programs such as our ADP (Advanced Developmental Program) for U8, or our travel program for U9 and above, but the majority of our players stay in our recreational program and enjoy a long and challenging soccer career.


There is plenty to learn in our progressive recreational program. Our youngest players start with fewer players on the field, a small ball, no goalies and coaches right out on the field guiding them as they go. As the players mature, the elements of the game change. Field size, number of players and ball size gradually increase, and we see the addition of goalies and finally referees are added to the mix. This progressive process is designed in an age-appropriate manner that grows with the child.


The Richmond Strikers welcome all children of all skill levels to play in our recreational program. We believe that soccer has a lot to offer kids. Through the game kids keep fit, learn how to be part of a team and meet new friends, but they also build their confidence, communication skills and ability to meet new challenges.